Our Story

Little Things Stock N' Show Supplies is a Family run business that has been born out of a want to find products suited to Miniature Livestock that is of a great fit and quality and can be found in store at the time of ordering. 


Attending shows both Nationally and Internationally, with our miniature horses and goats, it became evident that there was a gap in the market for miniature livestock  products and show supplies that are in store at the time they are needed. When something breaks or an animal needs a product, owners have let us know, they need it within days of it being broken or lost and did not want to have to wait the 5 or 6 weeks for other stores to order in the products listed on their website. From this we decided we would not work on drop shipping.  If the product is on our online store and marked available, we are not only saying we would be happy to use it ourselves, on our animals, but that it can be found in our warehouse. This way we can put our hands on it and get it to the buyer as soon as possible.


We also understand that buyers want to be able to put their hands on products and see and feel if it is what they want to use on their livestock, knowing this the format of our pop-up stores has been created, we hope to see and meet a number of you around the different events we will be exhibiting at this year.


Our expertise is in the Miniature Horse and Goat industry but through a number of good friends, who also breed miniature cattle and sheep, we hope to offer the same quality and service to the miniature cattle and sheep breeders and owners as more and more products are released in these areas in the future.  


As we say.... It's the little things that count!