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Who We Are

Little Things Farm is a place where we can meet, learn and understand 

Miniature Livestock and Small Breeds of Australia.


The idea of Little Things Farm came about through my family’s passion of miniature livestock.  Throughout our children’s teenage years our son and daughter lived, breathed and loved miniature horses. From there we added a couple of Miniature Goats and the rest is history. Currently, Little Things Farm is the home of a herd of Miniature Dairy Goats encompassing the Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Nubian breeds. Our Miniature Lop Rabbits – Hazel and Pipkin and will soon be joined by some small breed cattle and a couple of other mini surprises on their way. 


From there came our Stock n Show Supplies business which has made an online name for itself over the past two years through stocking feed, water, tack, rugging and health/vet supplies specifically for Miniature Livestock and will soon have it’s Storefront as part of our Retail and Education Centre in Quamby Brook Tasmania. 


What makes Little Things Farm Different? Unlike many other ‘Petting Farms’ Little Things’ main focus is on Educating visitors and new Miniature/Small livestock owners about the needs and responsibilities of owning Miniature and Small Breed Livestock. With many large farms being subdivided into smaller acreages the ownership of Small breed and Miniature Livestock has increased rapidly.  Unfortunately for the livestock involved they are VERY CUTE as little ones but they are a day in day out responsibility that have become increasingly more popular when little and then passed on or abandoned when they are no longer small.  One of Little Things Farm’s main aims is to provide a place for people to see, meet and understand these miniature livestock before they make the step to adding them to their farms and for those who can not do the day to day responsibilities of owning them a place to come and visit and then leave us to do that for them. 


Education is Key. Our Education Centre is currently our biggest work in progress and Little Things has aspirations of bringing some of our industry’s experts over to Tasmania to put on workshops in Miniature Livestock Care, Famacha Scoring and Fecal Sampling, Kidding and AI and Training for both the everyday owner of Miniature Livestock and Vet Students/ Technicians and Farmers Alike. 


Lastly Little Things Farm offers Meet and Greet Experiences with our miniature/small breed livestock on an appointment basis. We follow strict Bio-Security Guidelines at Little Things Farm as our goats are part of a Milking Herd that helps us bring to you our Soaps and Skin Care range that can be purchased in store so all Meet and Greets are Pre-Booked.  However, you are more than welcome to come watch the goats, rabbits and other farm animals from our picnic tables or garden benches and just enjoy how they interact with each other in their own home environment. 

Can I Take One Home? We also know how much you would like to take the Little Ones home – but they don’t really travel well in a suitcase..... – so we have a range of Gift Items instore to remember them by.


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