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Welcome to 
Little Things Farm

"Where it's the little things that count"

OPEN Thursday, Friday, Saturday  ​

Farm Shop - 10am to 3pm 

Farm Tours 9am and 3.30pm Book Online

Little Things Farm is a place where you can meet, learn and understand Miniature and Small Breed Livestock.

It is the home of our herd of Miniature Dairy Goats, Miniature Lop Rabbits, Miniature Horses, Call Ducks and herd of Small Breed Hereford Cattle and there might just be a couple of other mini surprises on their way...

We also love to share our creative side through our Soap n Sips, Candle Making and Bodycare Product Workshops. 

Visit our Farm Shop and see our range of Miniature Livestock Supplies, Gifts, Handmade Soaps and Skincare Products....


Join us for one of our Farm Tours or Courses. 


Around the Farm

From Our Blog/Learning Centre

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