Plastic Tubs- 5L and 15L Shallow (great as feed dishes) , 14 L and 26 L Tall (great for water and poop collection)


This Item is too big to fit in a 5kg Satchel so Freight will be quoted by phone (5Ltr excepted)

Red Gorilla Plastic Buckets

  • Red Gorilla tubs (previously Tubtrugs) are the ultimate plastic storage tubs made from virgin low-density polyethylene making them a virtually indestructible and fully flexible utility bucket. They are made with a Cadmium-Free content allowing them to meet food grade standards.

    All Red Gorilla tubs are produced by the same manufacturer and under the same standards ensuring product consistency and high quality. They have a 12 month warranty and are fully UV proof so they won’t crack or fade in the harsh Australian sun.

    These handy storage tubs have literally thousands of uses around the home, in the garden, at the stable yard, and in the work place.