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250g bags of roasted beans.

Comes in 4 flavours


Rich Mocha- Carefully crafted, slow-roasted to a dark finish. Chocolate and toffee notes with delicate citrus undertones. Rich, full-bodied; the perfect pick-me-up.


Velvet Jaffa- A well-balanced combination of Colombian, Brazilian and Sumatran beans. Rich body with citrus, toffee & dark chocolate notes. Fruity, elegant and sweet.


Brazillian Cherry- A delicious blend highlighting the natural sweetness and muted acidity of the beans. Notes of cherry with a sumptuous chocolate finish, this blend is perfect for lovers of long black and straight espresso

Columbian Toffee- Indulgent toffee and dark chocolate notes, perfect for all espresso-based drinks. Smooth with a creamy mouthfeel.

Leaping Goat Coffee Beans

GST Included
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